Feb 8, 2017

I missed writing the blog last week for a reason many of you know. My dad passed away. He was 90. As a WWII veteran he was buried January 31 with military honors. The 21-gun salute was impressive, playing taps quite emotional. But the presentation of the flag to my older brother, our new patriarch, was penetrating. Such Dignity, Respect, Precision. It was one of the few moments my brother, two sisters and I all felt the same thing at the same time: HONORED. Wow, Dad! That was for you, and your four children will always remember that moment.

But there was something said at the funeral that will also be remembered. My sister noted in her tribute to Dad that his influence had gone far beyond Indiana where he had lived most of his life. His children and grandchildren had gone on to influence other places, leaving part of his legacy in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Washington, California, Kenya and Jordan. Dad and Mom furthered their legacy with a 2-yr season of international ministry as volunteers at Springdale Bible College in England; two of the best years of their lives.

Birmingham, England

All of us, at one time or another, moved away from Indiana and carried the solid upbringing in our Christian home as the foundation wherever we lived. We taught our children the same, and many of them, too, moved on from where they were raised to places God opened up to them. I imagine that some great grandchildren will carry on that same pattern.

To my knowledge it was never Dad’s goal to have us move far away. He and Mom would have loved having us all close by! But he never tried to dissuade us from following where we were feeling led. As long as we believed that was where we needed to be going, and were united as spouses, he supported our move. Dad found the beauty of God in those well thought decisions, even to far away places.

This man of Indiana, who served in Germany as a soldier and in England as a missionary, primed us all to contribute to a global family legacy that he was building before any of us were born. That is Kingdom work of a different kind. 90 years in the same direction, living a life that honors God. It is something any of us can do (and many of you already are). It is an impact any of us can have.

Wow, Dad.

Til next week,